No Fuss Business


Carolyn and the No Fuss Business team have been residents at Panama House since 2017. They’re a small and capable team with big goals and they know how to tackle a big workload.

Carolyn answers a couple of questions for us:

In one sentence, tell us what you do.
We help our clients achieve the success they dreamt of through bookkeeping, accounting and business development services (growth strategies, KPI reporting, accountability coaching).

How did you end up doing what you’re doing?
I fell into it really. I’ve always enjoyed working with numbers, then we got into our own small franchised business and I did our books. I realised how much I enjoyed it, so when the stores were gone, I kept on doing books for others who needed a hand and before I knew it, I had a bookkeeping business! Xero has been a game changer and, after a couple of years of growing the business, I decided to do a Masters in Professional Accounting at UoW and expanded No Fuss Business from there.
What is your favourite project you’ve worked on so far?
Okay, get ready for accountant nerd talk. We did some work for a charitable trust to create a Xero report so they could generate their Annual Report straight out of Xero, rather than using a 37 tab(!!) spreadsheet. It rocked their world to not have to muck around in Excel anymore – that’s the sort of work that gets me up in the morning.
What do you do in your spare time?
I’m no stranger to a whole day spent in the kitchen, trying to replicate something I’ve seen on the likes of Masterchef, or just cooking up a storm of some (less fancy) sort. If I really have some spare time, I like to draw or paint.
If you had to change industry, what job would you choose?
Will someone pay me to do art? Actually, I’d teach kids to cook – all ages, kids are capable of way more and at a much younger age than most of us give them credit for. Plus, it would give me an excuse to revamp the kitchen at home.
Any recommended reads?
My favourite book of all time is To Kill a Mockingbird! I love it; I could read it over and over again.  Other than that, I’m a sucker for a page-turning crime book like a John Grisham and I recently got stuck into the new(ish) Robert Galbraith series. 
What do you love most about Hamilton?
The river; especially how the fog sometimes lifts off the river in tendrils. It’s eerie and beautiful at the same time.  
Where do you go for Saturday brunch?
Outside onto the back deck – Steve makes a mean bacon & eggs on the barbie.