Common Good Foundation


Suzanne and the Common Good Foundation team have been residents at Panama House since 2018 and have since moved into a larger space to accomodate their growing team.

Suzanne answers a couple of questions for us:

How long have you been in business?
I’ve been CEO of Common Good since the beginning of 2017, after many years in business management, consulting and marketing; as well as a few years recently teaching English, Maths and Media at Hamilton Boys’ High School.

How many people in your team and how long have you been Panama residents?
We have two others in our team; Nikita who takes care of our administration, social media and many other things, and Joel, who helps out on a casual basis. We moved to Panama House mid 2018. It’s a great environment. Brilliant people.
In one sentence, tell us what you do.
Common Good Foundation is a bridge between those who can provide resources and those who need them; we grant financial support to organisations throughout the central North Island that make a big impact in their communities, helping to improve the lives of vulnerable people.
What is your favourite project you’ve worked on so far?
We recently had a Celebration event with the 19 organisations we were able to support in 2018. It was wonderful to hear their stories and celebrate their impact and successes. Also, great to see charities coming together with others in their community and finding opportunities in common.
What do you do in your spare time?
Hmmm I have a vague recollection of spare time. These days, my two fantastic children seem to have turned me into a chauffeur and crazily competitive sideline spectator.
If you had to change industry, what job would you choose?
You know what... I think it would be fascinating to be a surgeon. Perfectionism at its finest!
Any recommended reads?
I tend to read a lot of non-fiction, and at present am researching alkaline lifestyles and studying the Enneagram. I love reading and learning, so will look at anything that comes my way.
What do you love most about Hamilton?
It’s the most geologically sound city in New Zealand.
Where do you go for Saturday brunch?
The River Kitchen and Two Birds Eatery are great spots to chill over a good coffee when there’s time. But most Saturdays I’ll have a takeout in my hand on the sideline of a multitude of sports.